Our Approach

SEMCO is an Energy Management Company.

We help businesses save energy and reduce utility costs by providing turnkey energy efficient solutions, renewable energy systems, and utility bill consultations.

Whether it’s one facility, a region, or the entire country, we help customers roll out systemized upgrades that enable them to take advantage of best practices and the latest technologies. We design and develop custom solutions that minimize risk and maximize value, and are optimized for each facility, its uses, and users. Also, we make these energy solutions feasible by helping customers take advantage of all potential financial incentives. On average, the incentives obtained cover 30-40% of our solution’s costs.

Full Service Solution

The SEMCO Project Evaluation Process

Step One:

Make a Commitment to Reduce Energy Costs & Set Goals

  • Determine if projects will include asset renewal planning, are strictly payback-driven, or both.
  • Preliminary evaluation of sites to determine facilities with the highest energy costs and best incentive candidates.
  • Set project paybacks goals and determine what a successful project will look like.

Step Two: 

Preliminary Evaluation & Proposal 

  • Collect 12 months of utility bills.
  • Interviews with site personnel and site walkthroughs for data collection.
  • Present preliminary costs, savings, incentives and payback projection for all projects.

Step Three: 

Investment Grade Audit (IGA) and Proposal

  • Investment grade audits performed on the selected projects.
  • Two weeks of metering data will be required on some measures.
  • A final proposal is presented with firm project costs, savings, and incentive estimates.

Step Four: 

Project Implementation and Measurement and Verification

  • All projects are installed turnkey around your operating schedule.
  • Projects will be measured and verified.

Financing & Incentives

Rebates, Grants, and Tax Incentives

On average, 20% – 40% of our project costs are covered with incentives. Over the years our team has become proficient in taking advantage of all incentive opportunities to minimize the needed capital expenditure from our customers and maximize ROI.

Our team has an entire division dedicated to sourcing all available utility incentive programs including rebates and finance options, state incentives and financing programs as well as federal tax deductions and grants. Each building and application will offer its own unique incentive opportunities, which we will apply for and secure in-house.

Cash Flow Positive Solutions

One benefit of implementing energy efficiency projects is that you are already paying for them through higher utility bills. SEMCO offers a wide array of financing options to help your company shift dollars away from your utility budget to create cash flow positive solutions from day one. Energy efficiency financing is a low-risk investment with big rewards and can be structured in several ways, each offering their own unique benefits.

A traditional loan from a bank is also an option. This can often time be paired with state subsidy programs, such as AlabamaSAVES to reduce the effective interest rate on the loan. It’s also the structure most likely to provide the lowest interest rate. 

Energy Service Agreements (ESA)

Efficiency-as-a-service is performance-based and is a completely off-balance sheet financing method. ESAs allows businesses to begin energy savings projects without any upfront capital costs. The financing lender pays for planning, implementation, and ongoing maintenance costs. After the project is complete and online, the client pays for the service based on the actual energy savings and other equipment and energy performance goals.  ESAs allow SEMCO to offer customers a cashflow positive solution from day one.

Biggest advantages:

Off-balance sheet, no use of credit, most projects include any ongoing maintenance costs.

Did you know?

Many states offer some form of low-interest capital through state programs. The goal of these programs is to help companies lower operating costs to become healthier and more profitable entities.

Our Team

Jim Fletcher
President & Founding Partner
Jim has over 50 years’ experience in construction and marketing businesses and has been building successful companies since the 1970s.
Michael Crider
Vice President & Founding Partner
In starting SEMCO, Michael’s sole mission was to develop a company that helps clients reduce energy costs while always putting the...
Brock Hattox
VP of Finance
With vast experience in finance leadership roles in publicly traded companies like Eaton and McDermott International,  Brock is a key…
Kristi Biggs
Energy Project Developer
Kristi grew up in the lighting business as her father owned a lighting agency representing many of the industries top companies.
Brian Roth
Dir. of Supply Side Initiatives, CEM, CEPP
Brian is no stranger to the energy service business, having worked in the supply side, utility billing audit and procurement space for more than a...
Joey Raynaud
Energy Engineer, CEM
With vast experience in the commercial and industrial (C&I) energy efficiency space, Joey brings a wealth of knowledge in helping design...

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