Internet of Things

Connected Lighting Systems

Advanced LED lighting technology has been a game-changer for energy savings. Regardless of location, use, and lighting level required, there is an LED solution that can save your organization energy and maintenance costs.  The latest generation of lighting technology includes IoT connectivity, making it more convenient than ever to schedule, control, and trigger lighting events—as well as provide increased coverage for high-security areas.  Cloud connectivity allows remote management and control—as well as offering centralized monitoring for multiple sites.  The combination of connected lighting fixtures, gateways, and energy management systems allow for an endless level of customization and SEMCO has the experience and knowledge to create the perfect system for your needs.

Energy Monitoring

Smart sensors can be added to virtually any device and connected to the cloud through the lighting system to monitor energy usage and operational characteristics of virtually any asset in the building.

Asset Tracking and Security

Today’s sensors can not only track occupancy in a given space to help control energy (dimming of fixtures, turning off thermostats, etc.), however, they can also help create a digital map of your facility to track space utilization and assets. Specific assets can be tracked by simply adding a Bluetooth chip, which will show up on your digital map. This is especially relevant for school facilities to know who is where in your building, offices to help schedule conference room usage, hospitals to track important equipment throughout the building, and more.

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